I am Pooja

Music is my love and it calms my soul. I love singing all kinds of songs especially Sufi and Ghazals. Meeting new people and making friends is a hobby while music, singing, and good food are my top three pursuits.



I am a professional Singer.

Singing is like breathing to me and doing something I love is not work. Singing Sufi renditions and soulful Ghazals are what I love the most, not to mention having fun recording short jingles, Bollywood songs and fusion too. They are quite ENJOYABLE!

I am passionate and dedicated to singing and performing songs that people love to listen and exceeding their expectations every time. Nothing can beat the reaction, that my audiences have to the songs that I perform on stage.


I am a performer

Music connects one soul to another. I go all-out to make sure my songs and performances do exactly that. TOUCH YOUR HEART! I believe music should be pure, where the notes flow and connect with you easily without getting into the technical aspect of the song. to enhance the song’s interpretation.

You Are What You Are – There Is No Need to Pretend.



Not a fake… check out my originals

I believe in natural voice and hence I rely less on technology. All my songs are recorded naturally with the correct use of technology. Therefore, most of the videos you come across on my YouTube channel are recorded live, unlike other staged videos. Not only do I sing, but I love to compose as well. I have collaborated with Pankaj Udhas for my original songs Tumhare Pass and many more to come like Iibadat recently. If you’d like to hear them.


Hey That’s Me

Unsurprisingly playing harmonium, which I have since childhood. Though I never had a musical background music always made me happy. One of the most memorable recitals for me was my first performance at the Sur Singar Samsad when I was 14. It was unplanned but to my surprise, the audience was so happy, I received a standing ovation with repeated requests to sing again especially when there are stalwarts like Jagjit Singh performing too. It was pure luck that I got a chance to perform right along such huge singing stars. That’s where my foray into Sufi and ghazal singing onstage began.


Call me

Pooja loves interacting with her audiences. So, connecting with her is simple. Send in your queries to


mail@poojagaitonde.com | +91 84519 01404